26 October, 2021

Can a girl safety app really save you from criminals?

by admin

However, keeping the best women safety app installed in your smartphone can help you on time and save your dignity.

Being a girl or a woman in this country is not easy. Anything can happen anytime, and you have to be very careful about your surroundings. Almost every average person judges a girl if any wrong happens to her. In fact, media displays the face of the victim and not the culprits. Self defence classes are taking places at every locality to make women capable of safeguarding themselves if somebody attacks them.

But, learning some self defence moves won’t help everytime. In modern days, criminals also think of out-of-the-box tactics to cause harm to a girl. Hence, you have to be updated too. In this case, a woman safety app is the best option.

Our constitution has thousands of rules and regulations, and laws. But, still law-breakers are finding innovative ways to commit crimes and evading. Again, when it comes to a woman, society start commenting on her character instead of realizing the truth. You have to remember that if bad happens to you, it is not your fault.

However, keeping the best women safety app installed in your smartphone can help you on time and save your dignity.

Common features that you can include in your women safety app:

Location sharing facility to let your friends and family know where you are

Facility to call police or medical help that they return to your salon repeatedly.

Facility to notify family and friends that you have reached your destination safely

Live tracking facility to record your locations

Directory notifying nearby locations that are safe

Multilingual option so that all women can access emergency help

GPS location that can guide you to the right direction

Time tracking facility to let you know the estimated time for reaching a particular destination

Option to mark a specific location as safe or unsafe to help other women

Ladies safety app can recognize your voice.

If you want, you can integrate voice recognition function in your safety app for women. The current app generation firms are competing with each other to develop the best app for women’s safety with high-end functionality. Developers use machine learning or artificial intelligence to customize the applications. They are keen to facilitate women safety apps with this facility so that the app can recognize the user’s consciousness in her voice.

The exclusive and new features that are currently in demand:

People tend to talk or shout in their mother tongue when in sudden danger or panic. Hence, support of regional languages can be of real help.

An option to reach the quickest help just by pressing a button or taping once or twice.

The facility of sending emergency voice message

The facility of calling the listed SOS contacts accompanied by the GPS location

If you collaborate with a women safety app development company, you will get the assistance of the developers who have expertise in complex technologies including voice recognition, ML, etc. You can interrogate the customer care executives whether the chosen firms have created such apps with the aforesaid facilities.

You can shake your smartphone to activate the safety app for women.

You never know when you are going to fa in danger. Emergency doesn’t knock the door before arriving. Hence, you must have an app installed in your smartphone. It is normal to panic when alone in a shady place. Developers can make such a safety app that can be activated just by shaking your smartphone a couple of times. You don’t need to go through several steps like unlocking, finding the app, opening it, etc. Instead, you can get help in seconds.

Sending SOS messages just by shaking the phone and informing the concerned people about your present location is easy with a women safety app. You can enhance the app’s efficiency by adding recording option of audio and video clips, and sending them to the SOS contacts.

A girl safety app is a true helper when it comes to save you and send your immediate support. With such an app, you can be safe anywhere, in any public vehicle, on a lonely road, and even in your house.

Not only girls, anyone can encounter unfortunate moments and need instant help. This type of app is necessary to be in everyone’s smartphone. Parents must teach their children how to take advantage of this app.

Hire a developer:

You can buy readymade ladies safety app, but hiring a women safety ap development agency and get hold of a tailor-crafted app is the smartest move. Many corporate houses are investing in such apps for their employees’ safety. Similarly, single individuals are using these apps for personal safety. Expert developers specialized in creating women safety apps are best to approach. Companies like Narjis Infotech, and allies are masters in making such apps. You can try their expertise. Know in details before spending.

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