08 October,2020

Android App Development Services in India - The Scope

by admin

A study revealed that India stands second in terms of internet users right after China. 337 million was the number of smartphone users. Most of the Indians use Android phones. Thus, companies are concentrating on the android app development with the growing market share of Android. After the launch of Jio, the number of smartphone users have grown manifold. Therefore, the android applications have to be unique and easily understandable by the users.

The scope of android app developers are tremendously increasing as majority of the companies are keen to hire android app developer. The good news is top notch companies like Samsung, One Plus, Vivo, etc. are launching smartphones with rich features and updates every year, and people are becoming inclined to the use of android apps.

Let’s talk about Open Source Android market :

Open Source Android refers to an open source operating system. They allows the developer to do registration once. They used to develop and do testing of various apps. The market of mobile app is one of the fastest developing market in India. Some platforms on which the Android developers publish their apps are Opera Mobile Store, Mobango, SlideME, and others. Majority of the platforms are free and they are generating a huge market for Android App Development services in India.

Android apps give high return on investment :

The software development kit helps the developers in terms of money as they have to spend low amount and achieve high return. Also, the end users gain huge benefits by using interactive apps making more profits for the companies. The user base of android apps is massive and it is increasing with every passing day. In fact, the apps are not only developing for ecommerce or company’s service or product selling but also for gaming, education, and entertainment. Hence, the age-range of the users have become broader.

Let’s view the job opportunities for Android App Developers :

As the Indian market is pretty good and growing for the android app developers,the job opportunity leaves no doubt. Trained and expert app developers can fetch a lucrative salary. A study says that in the recent years, more or less 25000 job openings were there and the number is every increasing by leaps and bounds. The experienced app developers can bag a huge salary that can be between Rupees 1.2 lakhs to Rupees 4.6 lakhs per year. It can increase with years and achievements.

Let’s view the scope of android app development in various sectors :

Banking sector  :

Lot of changes have been observed in India after the announcement of Digital India by our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India is gradually becoming cashless. Online banking transactions have increased and thus, the demand of android app is on high rise. Each bank is ready to hire the best android app developer and pay them a decent salary. Every android app development company is eager and ever ready to satisfy each banking client. Afterall, publishing and maintaining banking app is not simple. It requires ample of security checks to safeguard customer’s information and money. At present, clone apps of Paytm, Phone Pe, Bhim, etc. are in immediate demand.

Educational sector :

Digitalized India has brought several updates with online courses. It’s convenient for the students to learn from online classes as they can attend the sessions from anywhere. Hence, many online course providers are keen on developing android apps, and hence they are continuing to hire android app developer from the best app development companies in India. For example, NarjisInfotech. To be familiar with what exactly an educational app is, we can take the name of TED, Udemy, Byju’s, etc.

Affordable cost  :

Through digital marketing, you can reach the targeted customers at an affordable cost which is much lower than the traditional methods.

Gain customer loyalty  :

Social media involvement and management can gain you customers’loyalty and make it comfortable for them to engage with your company.

Personalization  :

You can greet your targeted customers with special offers and packages whenever they visit your website. The more they purchase from your company, the better you can refine the customers’ profiles and do effective marketing.

Gaming Sector  :

Almost every youth likes to play games, and we can see the teenagers and the young adults are playing games on their smartphones. Almost everybody knows about the famous PUB G game that has brought a storm in the gaming industry. Then, there is Candy Crush, Temple Run, and many others. Owing to the rise of love for online games, android app development services in India are focusing on developing thrilling gaming apps. It is studied that gaming sector is providing the highest return on investment in India.

E-Commerce  :

In 2018, the expectation of the sales of e-commerce industry was $32.70 billion. Majority of the customers like to purchase through mobile apps as it is extremely convenient for them. Afterall, smartphone can be used anywhere and any time and can be carried everywhere. E commerce has brought the world’s best brands in smartphone. Infact, big enterprises like Flipkart and Amazon provide huge discounts on the android apps. More number of business owners are opting for developing bespoke android apps for selling their products. It’s like 24/7 online shop.

Conclusion :

The android app development services in India are booming like never before and almost all business owners are inclining towards making their company’s app so that the customers can reach them without any hassle.

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