13 March,2020

Benefits & Latest Features of Android App

by admin Benefits & Latest Features of Android App

Mobile phones with smart features have made serious inroads in our life. Be it shopping or reading a daily newspaper, these devices offer personalized information and entertainment for the majority of the users. With regular updates for features and specifications, these smartphones offer excellent computing highlights which will match desktop and laptop functioning. In case, you have planned to gain on the popularity of smartphones, the android should be at the peak of your program.

Here, let us look at some of the advantages of android app development.

It comes to with latest apps

A matrimonial script has numerous As per the new statistics, Android has more than 80% of the market share in the stock market of a smartphone. More than one billion gadgets are greatly powered by the operating system and it is creating many opportunities for many types of businesses.

Free of cost and convenient

Android is an open-source and free has a relatively inexpensive entry wall and this provides small companies and start-ups to promote apps quickly. This further guarantees that companies can reduce their apps more competitively. With a huge software development kit, developers can simply build applications for many sectors. This kit helps to lessen the licensing cost. Many mobile app development companies in India are working to make the best applications for the new-gen.

Premium Graphics Support

Android allows a full spectrum of opportunities for graphic design requirements. The graphic pattern emphasizes that Android offers are much better for every other mobile app development program. Hence, game applications are highly amazing with attractive designs. Android app has built-in support to get 2D and 3D that helps in increasing traffic.

Unique features of the Android App

The latest version of Android has come up and it has many features that are surely going your update your phone today. The latest version of Android has quickly settled in Pixels and all other smartphones. Be it privacy-related tweak or rebranding, it is very much clear that Google was busy with the latest update of its Android version. Read along to find the most worthy features.

Dark Mode:

Google has tried with dark mode for some time now, but the organization has certainly made it clear with the launch of Android 10. Dark mode can be easily activated with a quick tile setting or when you activate it along a battery save option. Moreover, dark mode will work in podcasts and galleries as well. It’s unquestionably the most crowd-pleasing features of Android 10.

Smart Reply for all messaging apps:

The smart reply seems to be the best Google feature in predicting what you have to say in response to your text. It is presently accessible for all the Google applications, however, it is now ready to serve all the messaging applications too.

A better sharing menu:

There are many enthusiasts of Android who have criticized the platform for sharing its functionality for being quiet and natural. However, Google has overhauled this menu in the new Android. The latest sharing menu is considered to be very fast and it is supposed to perform better in recommending applications for sharing.

Loading Speed:

The prime reason why a majority of the smart-phone application fails to make a staggering impact in the market, it is because of the loading speed of the page. Many of the users offer quick response and hence incorporate the highlights of your app. Therefore, the latest features also involve the loading speed by Android.

Alternative Keyboards:

Android 10 supports multiple keyboards and it is quite easy to install. Things like a swift key, 8pen, and Skype offer easy and you can easily transform your keyboard style. Many different types of operating systems do not permit an extra keyboard. But, Android 10 offers you the best keyboard versions, and they come all inbuilt.

No-touch control:

Android 10 like Wave Control, with this app users, can easily manage touch-free solutions using different gestures. If you are having busy hands, messed up hands, then you can change songs without touching the phone. This feature is helpful especially when you are driving. It will easily help you to focus on your driving rather than the phone. If you want to have the best feature for your mobile app, then get in touch with the android app development services in India.

These were some of the latest features and benefits of the android application. If you want to venture into apps, then consult the best android app development company in India to get the best quotes.

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