25 March,2021

Features of customized salon software that play important role in business

by admin

Salon apps have really amazing features that attract millions of people to go online. But, newcomers in salon business may not know about the most wanted features designed in a usual salon management software.

For them, we have brought all exclusive features in this article.

Present your timetable :

You can create as many booking rules as you wish for presenting your weekly timetable.

Notifications and reminders :

You can update your customers and staff about any upcoming reservation.

Discount and offers :

You can create discounts, offers, and coupon codes to keep your existing customers satisfied and get new customers.

What does Statistics Say? :

You can keep the look and feel of booking form same with your website’s design (optional). It helps in empowering brand identity.

Easy online payment :

Without this feature, no salon software is complete. You can accept online payments either as a whole or partial with PayPal, Phonepe, BHIM, UPI, Paytm, etc. You can integrate payment platform seamlessly.

Short codes :

You can use front-end short-codes for creating your catalogue pages about assistants and services.

Customers’ feedback :

You can allow your customers to give feedback about their salon experience. Learn from the feedback and improve your services.

Solid integrations :

A good salon scheduling software is furnished with API that allows you to integrate your favoured apps and plug-ins with salon app.

Slot Blocker :

In an authentic salon software, you will get slot blocker. It let the users to block a specific time slot even when the service provider is not available. Customers can book according to the timing of service providers and get 100% satisfaction.

Google Calendar :

You can synchronize all kinds of reservation with Google calendar and add new reservations too. You can check all service providers’ schedule from the screen of calendar. It is a simple task to know the schedule of existing workers or any particular beautician. Users can book a particular schedule of any expert they want.

Sales documents :

You will get a feature that deals with invoicing, sales transactions, taxes, receipts, management of retail products, etc.

Activity dashboard :

You can seamlessly keep track of activities related to daily appointment scheduling. The dashboard shows updated appointment bookings, cancellations, notifications of clients, etc.

Multi branch facility :

Many salon owners have more than one branch. That doesn’t mean they have to launch many salon booking apps. One can add multiple branches to the software without any complication.

Appointment colours :

You can customize colour for each category to quickly find booking, cancelled or pending appointments. Put green, yellow, red, etc. colours for your preferred categories.

Drag and drop facility :

You can change and reschedule duration of appointment through drag and drop option. Notifying customers about the change is extremely easy. You can do it on any device like smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc.

Recurring appointments :

You can manage recurring booking and appointments for your regular customers. If you have customers who visit your salon every month, you can help him/her with recurring booking or re-booking. It will both the customer’s and your time.

Employee scheduling :

A salon scheduling software makes it easier for you to use time clock and employee scheduling facility. You can set shift, administer role of staff, take care of their services, and so on. Also, you get the opportunity to track employee attendance.

Reports :

You can get automatically produced in-depth reports and visually analyse your business information. Again, you can create customized reports segregating individual beautician’s report, service provided by each, etc. No training is required.

Support team :

Every genuine salon management software is backed by a supportive team that helps clients in all possible ways about the app. You may not be a techy to use an app like a pro. Do not worry, the customer support experts are there to help you whenever you get stuck.

Smooth experience :

Customers can have smoothest experience with complete peace of mind. A salon scheduling software is made customer-centric and cares about the needs of customers.

A great opportunity for freelance beauty therapists and tattoo artists :

A salon management software is great for any independent beauty or hair therapist, tattoo and nail artists, etc. The developers can customize the software according to clients’ needs. So, it is a good chance for independent newbies in beauty industry to make a shining mark and compete with a brand.

Anytime and anywhere :

Salon management app can be use from anywhere and at anytime. It is accessible 24/7. It means your customers can still book your service when your salon is closed. Again, information of any changes in your salon service or beauty experts will automatically reach your customers through notifications, SMS, email, etc. Salon booking apps are the present delight in the beauty industry and more and more freelancers, salon and spa owners are inclining towards these apps and software to make business easy and reachable to maximum users.

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