24 September,2020

How to Make an App Like TikTok?

by admin

Tik Tok, the video-sharing app is quite appealing and many people are trying to make similar applications. In this article, you will come to know about the ways that will allow making the application that is quite similar to Tik Tok. 

The algorithm

To create an app like TikTok, the system goes ahead with analysis of the factors like the introductions, device, video information, as well as account settings. Based on such information, it goes for the recommendation of the individual content for every user. The personalized Tik Tok content is perfect for making the categories according to the interest of the visitors. You can also consider the Duet video-sharing app creation strategies.

Features to be included in an app like TikTok

Tiktok permits clients to interface with one another by following, preferring, and re-sharing it's contents. 

It provides clients with some extra highlights, including-Video transferring: Clients can transfer instant recordings to their TikTok account, pivot or cut them, and even alter the playback speed. 

Video altering: Much the same as Snapchat, TikTok has a great toolset of AR impacts for changing the shade of the eyes, hair, and also including cosmetics. There are additionally numerous stickers, liveliness, and covers.

Live to stream: Utilizing this premium TikTok include, video makers can do live streaming and get virtual products from their fans bought with TikTok Coins. 

Social sharing: Tiktok clients can share every one of their recordings altered in TikTok on their Instagram, Facebook and youtube channels

Soundtracks: Clients can add the main tune to their short recordings from the implicit TikTok library.

QR code scanner: To permit clients to build hassle-free relationships with one another, the application gives them an interesting QR code. 

Two-part harmony Option: All clients, who like to sing, appreciate this element. Tiktokers can make a video, include a #duetwithme hashtag. They can ask different clients to play a duet role with them. 

Geolocation: With the help of geolocation, the application shows clients at present dynamic bloggers broadcasting live, close by, instantly.

Since social video applications are first-class among young people, you can utilize a portion of TikTok's mechanics for your application like TikTok and benefit it in terms of money. For that, you can embrace a few plans of businesses, as depicted above. Only when you consider such features, you can get the needed application. The right Video sharing app development company in India can help in the objective.

To construct an online media application, you have to experience the revelation stage. This stage requires characterizing the undertaking objectives, utilitarian and nonfunctional prerequisites, just as a venture guide. The developers are also excelled to make complex tasks, for example, a web-based media music application. It’s suggested building up an MVP with a lot of essential highlights and a straightforward plan.

The method for the creation of the application

For the development of video sharing software, there is a requirement of hiring a development team who will comprise of the business analyst, UI/UX Designer, project manager, Android developer, backend developer, QA engineer, as well as ios developer. There’s the possibility of building communication with the in-house developers who also consider the amounts for the equipment and the services. These days, modern technologies are creating the Best video-sharing app applications for the ios application. There is a requirement of programming languages like Swift and the networking like alamo fire for creating private video-sharing app. For Android applications, kotlin and ok HTTP 3 is needed. There are other tools required like Amazon S3 and SNS. Besides, many factors lead to the pricing of the application. It is dependent on the platform designing team, the time taken by the team, features, as well as the development team requirements. Besides for the CPA and GDP compliance, there is a requirement of following certain norms.

The steps

To make an app like TikTok, first of all, you have to go ahead with researching the market and drive more insights into the target audience.Then, there is a requirement of creating the demographic profile by knowing the average age of the user, location, types of devices, as well as a financial situation.Then, there is a need to stick to the trends and see that the application is unique. You will have to spot plenty of trends that are going to be available for the future application. You also have to know about the features for making them downloadable.

For making the money, you have to go ahead with fundraising, in-app purchases, advertising, cost per click, cost per action, as well as a cost per Mile. Besides, you have to focus on the creation of the MVP.

The next step in the Video sharing app development is to think about the growth of the application. For that, you can utilise the app store Optimisation for the addition of the relevant keywords and the combination of the screenshots. Then, use organic mobile user equation with the use of Smart banners, content marketing, and paid advertising. Each of these will be also helping in the objective


Social media applications are becoming very popular among the masses. So, people are looking for an alternative and also looking for a new way to generate income. To turn the business idea into the application, you must rely on the dedicated mobile development team. You have to take into consideration many video sharing app factors that will lead to the development of the successful Tiktok like application. Narjis infotech is the leading team of experts who excel in developing video sharing app for Android and iPhone.

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