4 JUNE, 2019

Importance Of UI and UX Design Services

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With the evolution and advancement in modern technology, a human being’s life without technology is unimaginable. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Robots, a person’s necessity and value in an organization is on a downfall. With the only way left to gain the diminishing dominance is to be the master of the technology, whom you can rule at your fingertips. By the master of technology, I mean to learn and gain relevant knowledge of the desired technology so that your importance does not fade away.

Technology cannot run on its own. In case if its failure technology cannot amend itself by its own. For all this, an organization always need human interference who can understand the technology and can properly make it function.Similar is the case with the technology used on the website and mobile application development.

The most favoured and user-friendly technology used in the website and mobile application development is “User Interface (UI)” and “User Experience Design (UX)”. These latest inventions in technology if learnt by humans can do wonders for them as these technologies do to the websites and mobile applications by giving its users a seamless and hassle-free experience.

What Is UI and UX Development?

User Interface or UI is a design, which is used to improve the presentation and the interactivity of the website or mobile application. Use of UI modifies and enhances the app’s look while interacting with the users. Each screen, page, tabs, and other visual elements which we see in an application or website is nothing but this User Interface of that application or website.

Whereas, User Experience or UX is a design which is applied to a website or an application to improve and enhance the overall experience of the users when they interact with the application or website. UX helps the apps or websites achieve maximum customer satisfaction by revolutionising their user experience. UX keeps customers as the centre while creating the basics of an application. It mainly focuses on creating the base of an application and systematically structuring all its components and elements to create a smooth user flow.

Importance of Using UI and UX Design Services:

The main object of any business is to accelerate its sales and thus increase growth. Use of UI and UX design services helps to achieve this objective effectively. Application of UI and UX designs improves the user experience and customer satisfaction which goes on to increase in the number of downloads of the application or traffic on the website.

The UI and UX designs aim to achieve consumers’ confidence and attract them to use your website or application by providing them with what they are searching for. The success of UI and UX totally depends on the number of customers visiting your website/application. The UI and UX design services must be applied by start-ups and small enterprises, which will help them in their growth and market capture, which if achieved can convert them into a brand.

Components of UI and UX Design:

Web design companies are responsible for the effective use of UI and UX designing software. Such companies hire UI and UX design company professionals who are best in their services. A UI designer is like a decorator, who designs an interface which would reflect the brand at its best. A UI designer has immense knowledge about colours and colour combinations and knows how to read the brand book, which he converts it into UI elements.

Whereas, a UX designer is like an architect, who takes charge of the users and helps the business improves on parameters succh as reduce bonus rates, improve CTR and so on. A UX designer understands human psychology and behaviour very well and is able to analyze the business needs, which he mixes together to develop a seamless user flow. Sometimes a web design company may hire such designers who know both UI and UX designs, who can deliver responsive website design services to the clients.

Major components of UI/UX designs are:

Information Architecture - Which tells whether the application’s information structure is sensible or not, and provides easy navigation to the customers.

Interaction Design - It is about creating a conceptual design with which the users interact with the product and or application.

Usability - This shows how much convenient and easy the application is to use. Wireframing- This creates a sample of the application to test its features before its scheduled launch

Visual Design - This explains visually how does the application look like and how will it showcase the brand.

Why is UI and UX Development Essential For Business Growth:

UI and UX design company focusing on providing customer satisfaction play an important role in the success of a business because it helps in generating more traffic on the company’s website/application. With businesses thriving to provide 100% customer satisfaction by fulfilling their demands, which is easily achievable by those business houses which uses UI/UX designs services.

Bottom Line

With IT being the most competitive field in the market, the demand for professionals who are well versed with the UI and UX design services are on the surge. It is a company’s and their UI/UX developer’s responsibility to make a user reach their destination on the website or application in the most efficient manner.

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4 JUNE, 2019

Importance Of UI and UX Design Services

With the evolution and advancement in modern technology, a human being’s life without technology is unimaginable. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Robots, a person’s necessity and value in an organization is on a downfall. more

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