28 MAY, 2019

Succeed with our news portal Script

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Online News Portal

It is a modified website that collects information from diverse resources in a continuous manner. It is a sort of a dashboard on the news can be organized and arranged while keeping an eye on the reader.

Doesn’t matter if you are a conventional newspaper seeking transformation to ENews or just looking to stand apart from the competitors, absorbing the attention of people is a challenge.

As more content present than ever, publishers must plan strategically to reach out to more audience.

Advantage of the digital platform is that it lets you understand the statistics of your News Script. This analytics track clicks, shares, demographics and the path visitor followed to land on the page.

It also enables you to know about the device used, which gives you options of using different layouts suitable to the readers. In today’s cut-throat competition, using news portal gives you the upper hand than others.

This comprehensive delivery medium helps you tailor the content to reach the desired readers with demanding content.

Why Us??

We are an elite portal development firm in India, offering easily navigated, user-friendly & responsive portal development.

We offer competitive news portal design/development, news website, application & customized design.

Irrespective of category, our intelligent web development team will give you awesome solutions as per-request

Why you need an online news script?

The answer lies in front of your eyes, how many people around you are using printing media, newspapers & magazines, with rapid growth in technology every individual prefers easy to use apps and news websites.

The News portal is a way to access recent information, technology news and market trends. Worldwide it is used to read current updates & the latest news.

It’s highly flexible with which people can get the news at any place.

Online news portals & web designers are going to have a good time, as the survey by the Wordpress is stating, according to that 40% of the total internet users read news online.

Some of the pros of using it are:

  • Internet users growing rapidly
  • People wish to customize
  • Easily accessible
  • No time consumption
  • Live updates while reading
  • Numerous choices
  • No cost of paper

Narjis Infotech offers readymade news portal which has assisted many to overcome the toughest challenges.

Readymade news portal

At Narjis infotech, you are getting readymade news portal which ensures your success with its special features, some of these compelling features are mentioned below.

Front end side features

  • Sharing icons
  • News’ tag
  • Category wise distribution
  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive
  • Add space
  • Search page
  • Video page
  • Subscription

Back end features

  • Site setting
  • Staff management
  • Video post option
  • Add, delete, update photo
  • Add/delete news
  • Subscribe report
  • Social media links

Why News portal PHP script ???

We are offering news portal PHP script which is efficient if you need to add news or blog to website. It provides the best features. Some of them are Multi-language news publishing, ads on the sidebar, use of news moderator & news editor. Moreover, you can auto-share & auto post Blogs and news on social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook & google plus(it’s abandoned now). Its user friendly layout lets you change script, content, logo with ease.

Wrapping Up

We develop flawless portal as per your requirement and we are assured that our professionalism & dedication can seek the perfect solution for you. With this our goal is to best serve you and help your business grow, additionally to get recommendations from you to your network & friends too. Hope it’s clear as to why we need news portal script in order to get success faster and reap profits. Give us feedback in the comments and do share this post if it helped you, you can also email subscribe us for future updates.

17 October, 2019

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28 MAY, 2019

Succeed with our news portal Script

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20 APRIL, 2019

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