19 September, 2019

The Influence of Job Portals

by admin the-influence-of-job-portals

Back in the days of our parents or grandparents, getting news about job notifications wasn't easy. Neither was searching for jobs easy. Fast forward things to 2019, and we have several job portals providing a very important service to people. Job portals have filled a huge void in the lives of young people like us who are constantly looking for jobs that suit our needs and provides us with what we expect. It is not an easy journey. Thanks to the job portals, our journey has been made a lot easier. Today's generation is digitally driven and this has caused a great surge in job portals like, Shine, Indeed and a lot more. Our previous generations didn't have such facilities and hence had to resort to traditional methods like newspaper ads and flyers and so on. The search for jobs used to be tedious and time-consuming.

Job portals have revolutionised the industry providing great benefits to recruiters, employees and employers. A student who just passed out has the privilege of not having to go out in search of jobs. He can just do it online now, most job portals post job openings from various companies spanning across all industries. Often there are even dedicated job portals for a particular profession like chartered accountants, doctors and so on.  

The design and interface of a job portal are important. It is a competitive market and your portal needs to have an edge to serve the users better which also means better business for you. To develop and design a fully functioning and efficient job portal you need the services of companies like Narjis Infotech who develop job portal scripts using the best in class job portal software and dedicated professionals.

Success Story :

A friend of mine was planning to launch a job portal for quite some time but wasn't getting the right developer to design a website and app. He came across Narjis Infotech and had a meeting with them. The team got to know his needs and ideas in detail and suggested job portal scripts accordingly. After deciding the basic features and services that the portal would have and the kind of user interface it needs to have to succeed the experts helped him with the right job portal script that would help it create a positive impact on the users. It is not only about creating a medium but to get proper recognition so that better job opportunities are posted helping both the employers and the job seekers. The script they used was developed using their job portal software and turned out to be an all-round solution. 
Right from the beginning they were very helpful and responsive and provided the best solution for my friend's job portal. They had some readymade scripts which were ideal to develop an efficient portal. 
Some of the key features that were put into the portal:

  • Right PHP framework: They used the appropriate PHP framework depending on the service type and the professionals were really good with their work on the web with PHP.
  • Advertisement management: A great feature that is designed to monitor and control the various advertising activities.
  • Application for both major platforms: They built an application for both the platforms, Android and iOS. Without this, one of the markets would have remained totally untapped and that would have been a huge loss.
  • Searching job seekers: Searching for job seekers from various industries and all parts of the country has been made very convenient.
  • Searching employees: This feature makes the hiring process a lot easier and efficient.
  • Posted jobs: Unlike our fathers and forefathers we can easily view and apply for jobs posted by various companies. The script provided a very easy and convenient search mechanism and interface to consume less time and keep the users glued.
  • CV downloads: Companies who have posted jobs and received applications can easily download the CV's and then shortlist.
  • Responsive: In today's world of stiff competition, my friend's job portal needed to be fast and responsive to stand out. That is what the guys at Narjis Infotech delivered.
  • Thanks to the great job portal software they use to make scripts, my friend's dream of having a great job portal turned into reality.
    Who knows, maybe you also need the same service to make your dream turn into a reality. 

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