26 September, 2019

Ultimate Matrimonial Script to meet all your needs

by admin ultimate-matrimonial-script-to-meet-all-your-needs

In today's busy world, people hardly get time to go out and interact with people, let alone meeting a potential life partner. Matrimonial websites have solved this problem in a very convenient way, which has helped the online matrimony business usher. During the times of our fathers and forefathers, matchmaking was not this easy. People had to depend on priests and marriage brokers who even charged a significant amount of money for the services. For today's generation, matrimony portals or websites are here to provide the best results.
matrimonial websites are developed using PHP matrimonial scripts which can include all the necessary features in your website or app. The competition is very stiff due to the emergence of many matrimonial service providers. People look for matrimonial sites that are easy to use and consume less time. 

If you are planning to set up a matrimonial portal of your own, you need to be very careful about the matrimonial software used to develop the script to make the website of optimum utility. Narjis Infotech is one of the most trusted and dependable providers of matrimonial scripts to develop and design the ideal matrimony websites. The company has revolutionised the matrimony website industry with different types of matrimonial scripts suited for various kinds of application. 

Very recently an acquaintance of mine was thinking of launching a matrimony website of his own designed to serve people from all communities, backgrounds, religions, castes and so on. With a few big and established matrimonial companies already in the market like sharks, he needed to have something different from the others. He was constantly meeting several IT services and web development and app development companies but wasn't getting great guidance or help from either of them. This is when he came across Narjis Infotech and decided to meet them once and see what they can deliver. The professionals at Narjis were very interactive and understood the needs of the client. 

They have a great team of developers who have developed different kinds of matrimonial website PHP scripts with varying templates and features. Their objective us to build a greater online presence for their clients' website and help in the growth of their business.  The acquaintance of mine was suggested the Ultimate Matrimonial Script. It is developed to not only create a website but also a great mobile application. They use an open-source PHP matrimonial script developed in core PHP technology. The other matrimonial scripts they offer are the Mega Matrimonial Script, Corporate Matrimonial Script and Advanced Matrimonial Script.

Some of the key features that were included in the matrimonial portal using the
Ultimate Matrimonial Script :

  • Staff and Franchise: Narjis Infotech provides a staff and franchise management module for each brand standards to make things easier.
  • Match- Making: Matchmaking is the purpose for which the website or app was primarily created. The matchmaking feature is developed with security and all the details to deliver to the best expectations of the user.
  • Advanced Search: It is very important to provide a great search mechanism in the portal to help users modify their search according to needs and expectations. The advanced search module includes multiple search engines such as basic search, education search, locality search, keyword search and a lot more. This makes the process a lot quicker and convenient for the users as they don't have to go through all the profiles and can set what they are looking for.
  • Android app: Not having a fully functional app these days can harm the business. Narjis Infotech has developed a mobile application for Android for this particular version of the matrimonial script. The app is user-friendly and has received great customer feedback.
  • SMS Notification: They provide an inbuilt SMS module to make SMS services easy and sell the product better.
  • Interests: This module allows users to add their interests, hobbies and qualities that help in searching the ideal life partner much easily. It helps people to look for what they want and brings people closer.
  • Events: The inbuilt online event handler is capable of handling all the upcoming and previous events along with all its data.
  • The Ultimate matrimonial script developed using their best in class Matrimonial software turned out to be just what my acquaintance needed for his business to thrive.  Create your own success story with expert services from Narjis Infotech and never look back again!

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