18 Jun,2020

User Friendly Job Portal Software Fetches Good Business

by admin

In today’s competitive world all are running after good placement. Young girls and boys eye on good positions with a decent salary. The search has become easy and convenient with the advent of online job portals. Incumbents across the world surf through these sites and apply for the job they best suit in. These websites have become the one-stop-shop for job search. Not just the candidates but even big companies and brands take to these sites to advertise about the vacancy in their organization. The websites are equipped with a user-friendly job portal script. The features are as per the requirements of the industry. There are both ready-made and customized scripts.

If you run a job portal, then your natural interest would be to fetch more and more people onto your site. They may be job seekers or employers advertising about vacancies in their respective organizations. This is where the job board software comes into existence. Such software is extremely helpful.

Before moving ahead let’s first understand what job board software is.

Job board software:

The job board software helps employers who are willing to advertise about the job opportunities available in their organizations internally and externally. This software is important for the job sites in the wake of the competitive market since it’s all about staying at the top charts and that will happen only when you receive a good number of advertisements.

Ways to make job board software attractive:

To make your job board software effective and attractive you must concentrate on the following:

Social media presence:

Today, on average, people are on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, etc.

Mobile savvy:

Mobile savvy is very important as often incumbents can easily see and even apply if interested in the move. Also both the employer and the incumbent can be contacted easily.

Easy to share:

The job board script should be created in such a way that sharing job notification should be easy. For example, you are on the move and you find a job suitable for your friend, you forward the same. Similarly, your friend may do the same.

No middlemen:

This is very important as often conflicts arise when the portal tries to mediate between the employer and incumbent. The companies may not appreciate this and would prefer to have a direct interaction.

Comprehensive job listing:

Ensure the information you provide to the job seekers about a particular job must have all the relevant details like position, responsibilities, location, prospects, and salary. If there are incentives, then you must mention that too. The job seeker must get all the details he or she may be interested in. Also find an attractive heading for the job posting.

The final and most important for you would be to fetch the advertisers onto your website.

Tips to attract employers to your job board software:

Explore which company is looking for people:

You will have to do some research and find out which companies are looking for people. Often companies put notifications on company sites. You can use job search engines like LinkUp to let you search for employers’ websites for job ads. You can then ask them to advertise on your site.

Do some homework on social media:

Prepare a list of names of companies you want them to advertise on your job site. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin etc. to get connected. Also check the Google+. Remember you are required to talk to them for getting an advertisement for your job site.

Informative marketing package for advertisers:

Remember you require an advertisement from these companies and you will have to explain to them why they must advertize on your portal. List the benefits of using your job board like - target audience, cost efficiency of niche job boards, highlight the quality of candidates over quantity, provide them the information of traffic on your site.

The job portal script should be such that both employers who are your advertiser, as well as the job seeker or the incumbent, should get the advantage of using your job portal. You will have to keep the interests of both in mind while creating the job script. Always remember to make the features and application easy and user friendly. Ensure the script is done in such a manner thatthe incumbent can tell more about themselves while filling the registration formalities as this would enable the employer to understand the candidate better.

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