21 May,2020

Why is a Job Portal Script Important in 2020? Find out

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Job Listing Script enables a business to have a job board software which they can tailor according to their needs. It will be easy for workforce consultancies and individuals who are looking for job prospects. A consultancy firm can get in touch with an organization that develops and supports an online job portal.

Basic Use

Web developers can build these portals which help a company to run a job script. They can handle job classifieds, automate posting of a new job, feature ads in their portals, etc. Some companies sell job portal script, customize them according to client requirement. They can customize it by changing the JavaScript, modifying the CSS codes or the PHP source code. Finally, a personalized job portal for a workforce business is ready

Who Needs It?

Plenty of people seek a job each day. Job Portal is the place where they can easily look for a job that fits their qualification. Thus, companies need having a fully functional job portal software to cater to their needs. To build these portals, a Job Portal PHP Script forms the basic prerequisite. A PHP job board software helps to create a job search engine for job seekers and recruiters.

Requirement During COVID-19 Pandemic

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has left plenty of people jobless. In the US, millions of people have filed for unemployment. During these times, there is a frantic search for new jobs and opportunities. The job portals is a perfectly managed association where all details about the best jobs, job categories, job locations, and other details are available.

If an individual is suffering from unemployment, we urge them to get in touch with these job portals where a fully responsive team is ready to support with one-on-one counselling for a new job. If an enterprise is looking forward to creating an online job site, establishing a good deal with some trusted sites will help them get the software they want.

Features These Scripts Offer

Before buying a job script from an organization, one needs to things it should ideally include. There is a plethora of selection that a company can choose from when purchasing a job portal.

Content management

The benefit of using these job board scripts is that there is no necessity to hire software engineers to deal with the content management part. Once you buy the portal, you will learn how to operate job classifications, kinds, job types and translate the job portal script front-end using the admin panel.

Easy job board administration

Job Board Script provides a back-end environment where the administrator can connect and do his duty. He can control the features and functionality of the software. The business holder can tailor the PHP job script content as per the requirement. The readymade job board may require updates from time to time. With easy job board administration, there are useful tools with unique features and admin controls. These are all packed in an easy-to-understand interface.

Device Compatibility

The PHP job board software supports smart devices across all platforms. This helps the web portal accessible to a large number of people, using a click on their Android or iOS smartphones.

Jobseeker accounts

Candidates looking for jobs can register for a job seeker account in the portal. An account gives priority to the user. It also minimizes the task of filling in all details while applying for a job. With a few clicks, people can send across their resumes is sent. The administrator keeps the resume and other details in backup for future reference.

Multi-criteria search

Job seekers look for a search bar when they enter a portal. A multi-criteria search box takes the
readymade job board to another level. Like buying a product online, people have the option to filter the job details based on skills, location, experience, type of work, etc. This job search script comes handy to narrow down search results with keywords.

Just as the way job seekers can look for employment, recruiters can also do the same. Once a jobseeker account is created, the admin or HR can revert when a suitable match of the job is found for the candidate.

Download CV

Emailing CVs is an old concept, so this feature is useful to everyone. Jobseekers can prepare their CV and post them. Recruiters can download the CV from the portal itself. The CV is stored in the database. The job seeker can download, edit, restructure and update the CV as he or she wills.


Your website can bring a breakthrough in the careers of many people. If you are planning to build a revolutionary job listing portal, Narjis Infotech is highly recommended. With good built-in software, trusted clients and years of experience, they provide the best services to your job board software needs.

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