04 March,2021

Women Safety App Should be there in Every Smartphone

by admin

Women all over the world have the right to live free and without any violence, discrimination, harassment or domination. It is our duty to eliminate the unsafe environment and let women do everything they wish. Unfortunately, there are criminals hidden under the fool’s mask in this society and one can’t identify just from seeing faces.

Women have full potential just like men to contribute to our country’s economy, communities and professional world.

As per an estimation of the World Health Organization, 1 in 3 women around the world experience sexual or physical violence by their partner or non-partner in life. The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN boasts the importance of women’s rights’ protection. So, in order to answer, many firms have created innovative solutions for improving women safety. These include women safety app, GPS trackers, wearable devices, etc.

Let’s see: What are the best women safety apps?

My SafetiPin :

Everyone knows what a safety pin is. It protects and helps us in many ways. Similarly, app ‘My SafetiPin’ is designed to save women from dangerous situation. It is the highest-rated women safety app. Users can enjoy function such as emergency calls to the right contact numbers, tracking GPS location, sharing details of safety location within proximity to seek help and shelter. Even, pinned locations got safety score mark.

Rescuer :

As the name suggests, Rescuer can be considered the best app for women’s safety. Users of this app can send as many messages as they want to other users. Again, contact of two people can be saved. It is suggested to save true helpers’ numbers so that they can reach the spot on time where the victim is surrounded by danger. Users in trouble can press the emergency tab positioned in the app and get prompt help.

bSafe :

Another ladies’ safety app that truly deserves mention is bSafe. It has the capability of creating a social safety network of people who will receive a notification if any emergency arises. Users get an alarm that sends the right location along with audio-visuals of the entire area. Also, women can set a timer that can send alarm to friends automatically. It helps in case the particular users don’t turn off the alarm on the right time.

CitizenCop :

This safety app for women is ideal for those women who wish to report a crime immediately. So, if a woman experiences any emergency, she can instantly report the specific incident. CitizenCop focuses on people’s well-being. Moreover, it is an ideal bridge between citizens and department of law enforcement.

Letstrack :

It is a vehicle security system besides being an app. Women and any other user can install this app in their smartphone, and further can install the phone in personal vehicle. Features like real-time tracking, connectivity in rural areas, 24-hour history, and zone alerts are available.


It is considered as one of the most trusted ladies safety app. SHEROES allows women to contact other women. They can help each other related to food recipes and health. Users can get loans against cheapest rate of interest. Furthermore, users can create separate community with people they want for any kind of discussion.

Added, this app doesn’t need any payment for installation. One can connect with specific field experts, doctors, etc. Sharing images and videos is possible. Women can get rewards if they refer brands to others. Tracking periods is possible through this app.

Women Safety :

It is designed to lower the crime rate against girls along with increasing women’s safety. The app updates friends and other emergency contacts if the user is in trouble and needs help. It acts very fast and accurate. Updating information is made possible.

Just a single tap on a specific button will send an email to the concerned people. It includes location on Google map. Users can click pictures too and send to the required person for immediate assistance.

Images, videos, audios can be captured during an emergency. It has a 3-button configuration depending on the situation that allows a user to take prompt action. Alongside, the user can send alert to the respective people for support. Email can be sent to the concerned people. Location can be updated and helpers can reach the spot on time to help the victim. All these activities need a tap on a button.

Conclusion :

Any highly reputed and ranked firm, for instance, Narjis Infotech, can be reached for an advanced women safety app development. The apps are really simple and you can customize according to the plan. Again, anyone can use these apps irrespective of educational background and skills. Knowing how to operate a smartphone is enough. You will get impressive result. Have a proper discussion with them and build your own women safety app.

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