28 January,2021

Women Safety App - The Smartest Application in your Smartphone

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Women are not safe anywhere. Human predators can attack anywhere and at any moment without giving a hunch. No matter where the place is; it can be home, school, college, workplace or public road, girls can fall prey to nasty people. Hence, the best thing one can do is to install a safety app for woman in smartphone that will give protection at the time of need.

Woman safety app is the best digital help that women can bestow themselves. Many reputed app developers are creating the best woman safety app that can be purchased and used easily. Nowadays, everybody carries a smartphone. These applications are compatible with both Android and iOS devices simplifying the ease of use.

The useful features that a ladies safety app can generally boast :

Usually, these apps are extremely useful alert and response solution that is dependent on location tracking and sharing with the respective authorities and people.

The users have to register into the app and fill out emergency contacts and other required details.

Many times, the developers create a facility of using the app without opening it. Just a bit of shaking will allow the app to work and response in an emergency.

The app facilitates the user to notify the emergency contacts that the user needs immediate help along with sending GPS coordinates.

The local security providers like police also get alerts. So, they can help the person in danger by tracking location, reaching at the spot and saving her.

The apps work for 24/7 meaning women can remain protected all the time.

Woman safety app development framework boasts multi-platform portability

Women safety apps possessa framework that ensures smooth running of it on various platforms for reaching massive number of people. The apps are made to run on both Android and iOS devices. The distinct plugins ensure the app’s running on all platforms. Google has done an addition that enables web view control. Also, it allows loading and displaying content progressively without the need of rewriting the specific content.

Buyers will get the benefit of a robust backend :

The app development firms never refuse to offer a string backend with every app they build. From real time database to cloud storage and hosting, the apps and the users are powered by the right backend.

Easy set up :

Easy and straightforward process of set-up and configuration is dedicated to such women safety application. The users can set up the app and configure it according to their personal needs. There is no need to be a tech expert for it. A female of any age or a family member can easily do the set up. The app owner is given training about how to configure the app developed by app makers.

Tested app :

Each woman safety app developed by a reputed firm always undergoes rigorous testing so that after purchasing it, the owner as well as the users won’t have to face any trouble. The developers usually add a testing work-frame with the specific technology for creating integration, unit and user interface testing. Moreover, the level of integration, widget, etc. can be tested.

What can an owner get from a app development agency?

Highly experienced experts who can develop several security apps.

Proper consultation on various strategic features and their development.

Research that is value-added


The developers obey Google Play Store and Apple guidelines so that the apps can get access to all smartphones.

Heatmaps and Geofencing :

These are the two important features found on the best app for women’s safety developed by accredited professionals.

Geofencing helps the user to choose a particular area on the given map that is supposed to be her ‘Lakshmanrekha’ or the line that is not meant to be crossed by any means. If the user step outside that specific zone, the app will send an alert to the emergency contact.

Heatmaps alert a user of an unsafe zone. It is based on crowdsourced data, tagged data, etc.

The various actors that can be involved for responding on time :

Contacts who are pre-determined :

The user can select some contacts from her contact list and set as emergency contacts. The app will send alerts to these contacts whenever there is an emergency.

Third party who is known :

The app can send alert to a particular third party who is supposed to respond on time. It can include police station, emergency help line or call center, etc.

Networked public :

The app sends alerts but no one can know who that particular alert will reach. It includes app sending alerts on the Facebook wall of the users.

Conclusion :

A girl safety app is a crucial need of today. Every woman must have such app in their phone. Some apps work even if the internet is off. A ladies’ safety app can be the immediate helper when no good person is around. There is no need to get scared anymore. These apps are ruling the current market and are proving to be very profitable.

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