26 November,2020

How to Create a Short Video Sharing App?

by admin

Who doesn’t know about TikTok, the world-famous video sharing app that made lakhs of people popular and rich? It has become a household name for people who love watching and making videos. This app let the users make amazing videos with lots of filters, effects, music, stickers, and much more. If you wish to create app like TikTok, read the article completely.

First you have to know what TikTok exactly is.

In China, TikTok is also called Douyin. Byte Dance developed this best video sharing app. It is a Beijing based company. The company was established in the year 2012. TikTok came into our life in 2016. People can use this app from both android and iOS devices. Video creators post funny, creative, and lip-syncing videos that can be viewed by people all over the world. Again, TikTok acquired that is a Shanghai based start-up. The cost was $1billion. The period was 2017’s November.

The question is: - “How to create short video sharing app like TikTok?”

The very first thing you have to do is thoroughly research about the entire market, make decision about tech stack and the features you want, and finally seek a video sharing app development company in India. You need these professionals to create a TikTok like app – developers, designers, business analyst, project manager, database expert, and QA engineers.

Do your research on social media market :

Collect both quantitative and qualitative data for achieving a thorough understanding of the current market trends and what people want. Also, you will know about the technology in demand, the competitors’ way of promoting similar apps, etc.

Gather fund and select platform :

For any business, you need capital. Similarly, if you want to launch your own video sharing app, you have to arrange for the necessary fund. Approach the top investors and make them understand about the innovative ideas and how they can get profit out of your app. Develop a MVP or Minimum Viable Product for particular places that are ideal for your app. iOS and Android are the two most important platforms used by people. It’s best if your developer develop a cross platform app that can run on both the platforms.

Select features :

Before working for the advanced version, check the prospect with an MVP containing basic functionalities. See if your target audiences are giving positive response. Whatever you do, always discuss with experts who know how to create short video sharing app. They must be updated with the current trends and technologies. Gather information about time and details of the app making.

Now, it is the ideal time to go for a credited video sharing app development company in India. They have the vision to notice the shift in the principle of design. They can offer you the most attractive, easy to use, engaging and responsive app just like TikTok or better than that.

The principles associated with the creation of app like TikTok :

Engaging design :

The design of your app should be intuitive and user-friendly. The app must be capable of bringing new users. Also, it should be able to gain complete trust of customers.

Proper visibility :

The filters, tools, editing options, etc. should be kept at the visible area so that non-tech users can find them and use all to create outstanding videos.

Maintain consistency :

Maintaining consistency in design throughout the app’s services is crucial. It can be anything like video making, sharing, editing and watching.

Confirmation icon is a must :

People should understand that their actions are completed and confirmed in respect to video making, editing or sharing.

You can make lots of money from in-app purchases and advertisements. You have to search for typical app developers or a hub to get your service done in hourly rate. It will help you save money. The friendly developers help in launching, promotion, maintenance and after launch services of your video sharing app.

Conclusion :

There are many ready-made apps available online. But, if you want an innovative app that can beat TikTok, you have to hire a reputed app development company or any freelance app developer who is a wizard. Competition is very high as many people want to make profit by running a TikTok like app and win the world. So, you have to be one step ahead from everyone. There are companies like Narjis Infotech and similar others that never leave any stone unturned to create the best video sharing app and other kinds of apps for their clients. You will get their contact details online and get in touch with them for a discussion about your wish. They will be always by your side starting from the initial conversation and planning of such an app to the after sales services.

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